Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rembeng TGFOP Assam

So last week I was sent a sample of an Assam from the Rembeng estate. I didn't really pay it any mind at first because we are really happy with the Assam that we carry. But as usual, whenever I am in the mood we run out. I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to do a taste test with a couple other Assams that I was recently given. I used the exact same measurements , same temperature, and steeping time.
The Rembeng came out #1 with flying colors. I wont even bother mentioning the other two for fear of making them cry.
Extremely smooth with little to no astringency. Rembeng is definitely a new favorite of mine. It is extremely versatile, I have already forgotten about it while steeping ( left it for approx. 12 minutes) and it was still not bitter at all. It is a great blending base and absolutely fabulous as an iced tea. I highly recommend it to anyone that is a lover of black tea.
So if you are in the area , stop by the shop and check it out.....yes, I ordered it the same day I tasted it.....its that good..AND, of course, it is Fair Trade & Organic !!

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