Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today is the first official day that we are open in the temporary space (3506 w. cary st. / 2 doors down from the tea shop) with Carytown Optical.
While we are here the hours will be...
Tue-Sat : 1-7
Sun-Mon : CLOSED

Our teas are trickling in so not everything is blended but if you let us know what you cant live without we will put that at the top of we are getting there!!!!
This is what we have
In Stock
Decaf Ceylon
Kenya Milima
English Breakfast
Irish Breakfast
Palm Court
Richmond Blend
Supreme Breakfast
Black Rose
Chocolate Lover's
Chocolate Mint
Cranberry Autumn
Decaf Earl Grey
Earl Grey
Earl Grey Supreme
Ginger Peach
Hot Cinnamon Spice
Mistie's Blend
Patricia's Blend
Wuyi Oolong
Decaf Sencha
IZU Matcha
Dragon Pearl Jasmine
Masala Chai
Green Peach Rooibos
TISANE (herbal)
Sabdariffa Hibiscus
Fire Ginseng
Strawberry Kiwi
Red Clover Blossoms
Egyptian Chamomile

AND DONT FORGET!! We have tea pots, infusers, mesh balls, etc...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Aftermath...

Here are some of the pictures I took right after we got the go ahead to go back into the tea shop.

They really don't do it justice. It was too dark in the back of the shop to actually see any of the fire damage.
Our main problem is the smoke damage..it REEKED in there..every day I got home I had to wash my hair 3 to 4 times and it would still have a slight smoky smell.

It was horrible knowing that we had just the night before, finished blending all the teas and had the shelves totally full and ready to rock.
When we opened up the tins they all smelled like smoke, ironically, the Lapsang Souchong which is supposed to smell smoky, had absolutely no smell to it whatsoever.

Fortunately the company that specializes in fire and water damage arrived ASAP and I just talked to them yesterday and all of our furniture is smoke free and like brand new.

The shop , as of Wednesday is smoke free and now we are just waiting on the contractor to paint the walls and put the new ceilings in.

Again, thanks to everyone for the support. When we re-open we are going to break the shop in right, with a PARTY !!!!

Love you all, you are the bees knees!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ah, the smell of burning tea...

On Wednesday October 6th around 8 in the morning the building connected to CaryTown Teas went ablaze.. destroying CaryTown Optical and Appointments Salon which resides on the second floor. CaryTown Teas sustained major smoke damage along with minor fire damage...
The optical shop and salon have extensive structural damage that will most likely take a couple months to repair, in the meantime you can still get ahold of them by calling their business numbers and also temporarily, Cynthia, owner of Carytown Optical is occupying the space directly above CaryTown Teas.
The tea shop is already undergoing repairs and is scheduled to open sometime in the next two weeks. We have already started to get fresh teas in from our farms and we are blending off site as we speak, so if you need your tea fix you can still purchase through our website .
When the store front opens up we are planning a big re-opening party for all of you lovely folks that have been so wonderful during this trying time...You Guys Are Awesome !!!
.........In the meantime I hope you all enjoy this lovely picture of Patricia from the CaryTown Teas Archives....