Friday, February 5, 2010

Tea Can Do What ?

Tea is a completely recyclable plant. Don't pour that leftover tea down the kitchen sink or throw those used leaves into the garbage can Recycle Them !
Tea is great as a deodorant because it absorbs odors , is full of nitrogen that feeds your garden plants and wards of those pesky insects.

- Is great for cleaning washable surfaces, such as air mattresses, yoga mats and counter tops.
- mix your dry used tea leaves into the cat litter to help diffuse the odor and help deter fleas for both cats and dogs during those hot summer months.
- place your dry used tea leaves in a bowl and place around the house, it will freshen the area. I a couple of days place them on a baking sheet in the sun for about 1- 2 hours and you can do the same thing again.
- place your dry used tea leaves in a bowl in the fridge to absorb unpleasant odors, after about 2-3 days, sprinkle those same leaves around your indoor and outdoor plants.
- after cutting garlic, fish or onions , rub your hands with wet tea leaves to rid your hands of the odor and also the pan in which you cooked.

- throw your used leaves onto the top layer of soil in you plants and let them naturally rot to release nitrogen which is great for the plant with out using any harsh chemicals .. AND its free !

- Moths. put your dry tea lives into a muslin bag and place them in your closet or dresser to keep moths away from your wool clothing.
- Mosquitos. place your dry used leaves into a fore proof vessel or right into a camp fire to keep the mosquitos away... and it is pleasant smelling as well.

- sprinkle dry green tea leaves onto your carpet and rugs, rub in gently, brush off then vacuum. It will clean and deodorize.


  1. Hi, love knowing you have a blog and will check it often. I do however wonder how come the type is sooo pale gray on white. My old eyes are straining, is it me? Love the tips for tea use other than drinking.

  2. Mim, thanks for letting me know. Let me know if this is better.

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  4. I like your post. It is very informative. Thanks for sharing.

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